Hubie And The Fire Service (Book)


Hardcover (B.L. Hubert, 2017) | Deer Valley Press | ISBN: 978-1931301206

This award winning collection of cartoons and artwork presents the lighter side of a very serious career. Firefighter or not, you will enjoy this inside look at a worldwide profession that has its own sense of humor. Fire Captain Dave Hubert has been drawing fire department oriented cartoons for years. He has drawn hundreds of cartoons for Deer Valley Press and was the featured cartoonist for the California State Firefighters’ Association monthly magazine for years. Dave’s wife, in conjunction with Deer Valley Press, have collected over 360 of Dave’s best cartoons and published them in this Collector’s Edition which is packaged in a slipcase. It presents the lighter side of a very serious profession. Everyone admires or knows someone in the Fire Service. HUBIE and the Fire Service offers an opportunity to reward yourself and others with the invaluable gift of laughter in a first-of-its-kind book that is rich with color and packed with humor!

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