Disasters Man-Made (Book)


Hardcover, 320 pages | D. White/A. Reicher, 2011 | Fire World Review | ISBN: 978-0615444192

On an October afternoon in 1989, industrial fire expert David White conducted a safety presentation at a plant in Pasadena, Texas. That presentation was cut short by a tremendous explosion. One mile away, a mushroom cloud rose from a neighboring chemical complex that, moments before, had been responsible for one-third of the world’s polyethylene production. Written by White and Anton Riecher, the team that has made Industrial Fire World magazine the leading publication in industrial emergency response, Disasters Man-Made explores the startling risks of industrial emergency response that never make headlines. “This book chronicles thirty major industrial emergencies,” Alan V. Brunacini, retired fire chief of the Phoenix Fire Department, said. “The descriptions are very well documented, complete and describe what led up to the incident and how the emergency was handled. It is smart to examine and study the past to get ready for the future. Well-stated history lessons expand and strengthen our imagination because they reduce fireground surprises. Pay attention as you read this book because it eliminates the need and associated pain for us to live through every possible experience to learn the lessons of that experience. We will repeat those lessons until they are learned.” Disasters Man-Made features industrial crises big and small, detailing how responders dealt with rapidly evolving incidents that threatened lives, property and livelihoods. These are the little known details about the calculated risks firefighters take to spare communities the economic impact of losing a plant or refinery and the heartache of losing the individuals working in those facilities.

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